Sunday, February 26, 2012

Billboard House

Mendoza at the Hostetler home
A Buena Park (Calfornia) home has donned a neon green and orange painted exterior as an advertisement for the marketing firm Brainiacs from Mars. In return, the firm pays the mortgage for the house as long as the Hostetlers, the owners, are willing to sport the advertisement.  

Full front view
Romeo Mendoza, CEO of Brainiacs from Mars, has had to remove the 9 foot long company sign from the top of the garage along with the Facebook and YouTube signs immediately after the photo shoots because they violated city zoning regulations.  Mendoza thinks the colors alone will serve the purpose. He hopes to paint a 1000 more, if the idea gains popularity. Right now he is advertising his own company.  Brainiac From Mars  screened 40,000 applications to choose this particular house.
Brainiacs from Mars Facebook page is filled with pictures of houses posted by hopeful homeowners. Says Debra Carter, "I'm going to dream of yellow, green, and orange. Visualizing my home in these colors every day since I put in my application and keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I am open to any shade of any color any time!"

Companies will now speak to us in colors.   Remember, orange and green is for Brainiacs from Mars. Each company will represent a color and in time will test our memory. Who'd have ever thought that advertising would keep Alzheimer's away...The idea may catch on.  I like how it helps people keep their homes but I certainly wouldn't want to live on a street that looks like Munchkin land,

Munchkin Land


Las Vegas

or Las Vegas at night time all the twenty-four hours long.


"The World is too much with us", complained the poet Wordsworth in the 19th century.  We can feel its intrusion now more than ever into our private lives. The situation may be unavoidable but what's next?  Advertising in our textbooks? Or is that already here?


Gopi Mamidipudi said...

Interesting! I think I should do that too:D

marycohen said...

I remember when the news first broke out about a company painting homes with advertisements in exchange for paying the mortgage on your home. Novel Idea with great intentions. Hope it helps out alot of needy families!