Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Right Wing Manifesto?

I read something on "The Daily Beast" (June 14, 2010), which I simply must share verbatim ac litteratim. Among the comments to an article on  Al Gore's silence on the BP oil spill issue was  this  right wing "manifesto" as seen by the reader.  Desertpenguin writes:

Right-wing power points defined:

1) The right-wing defines itself by its enemies.
2) It's more important to have enemies than friends.
3) Make enemies wherever and whenever possible so you can have someone or something to fight against.
4) Don't bother with solutions, just attack.
5) If asked for a solution, change the subject.
6) If asked for a solution, give a simple reply to complex problem.
7) If asked for a solution, reply emotionally, not rationally.
8) Only offer solutions that benefit yourself.
9) Lie.
10) If you don't like someone, attack them.
11) If someone makes a mistake, attack them.
12) If someone makes a mistake and apologizes, attack them.
13) If someone disagrees with you, attack them.
14) If someone who disagrees with you is factually correct, attack them.
15) The only reason to unite people is to attack others.
16) If you're not correct, don't admit it.
17) If you're not correct, minimize, belittle, and criticize others.
18) The most important goal in any situation is winning.
19) Use every opportunity to win.
20) Rationalize everything in order to win.
21) It's not enough to win; everyone else has to lose.
22) Never be honest, trustworthy, or respectful, unless it benefits yourself.
23) Use distortion, disinformation, and name-calling to attack others. Repeat endlessly.
24) Don't ask others for their opinion.
25) Don't consult with other on matters you're not familiar with.
26) Argue, don't converse.
27) Regard all situations as us versus them.
28) Regard all situations as black or white.
29) Attack anyone who doesn't see all situations as black or white.
30) Be fearful, angry, bitter, resentful, cynical, paranoid, untrusting, and unloving. Insist this behavior is the correct way to act.
31) Use religion as a means of attack.
32) Hurt others when given the opportunity.
33) Accuse others when you feel guilty about your behavior.
34) Voluntarily associate only with people like yourself.
35) Intentionally avoid anyone who looks, thinks, or acts different from yourself.
36) If you can't avoid anyone who looks, thinks, or acts different from yourself, attack, belittle, or marginalize them.
37) Always generalize about the appearance and behavior of others you're not familiar with.
38) Think of groups of people as enemies, not as individuals.
39) Never admit that your enemies are actually people with the same wants and needs as you.
40) Always demonize your enemies.
41) Always blame others.
42) Never trust others unless it benefits yourself.
43) Never agree with others unless it benefits yourself.
44) If others confront you with the truth, deny it.
45) Refuse to be patient and never admit to understanding your enemies point of view.
46) Never admit to any inappropriate behavior.
47) Never admit to having any character defects.
48) Always claim to have appropriate vaules even when talking, acting, or posting inappropriately.
49) Always use forums to express yourself in a negative manner.
50) Only take responsibility if it benefits yourself.
51) Take responsibility for results you had no part in.
52) Never waste an opportunity to act superior.

I was amazed at his perspicacity.

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agastya71 said...

Nice manifesto :) if one is into that whole right wing thing!!!