Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunar Embassy, the Ambassador to Lunacy: An Update On the Moon

When I first wrote about men colonising the moon, I did not realize that someone had already thought of it.  It seems that back in 1980, Dennis Hope found a loophole in the 1967 U.N. Outer Space Treaty which allowed him to claim ownership to parts of the moon and other celestial bodies.  He established his company called Lunar Embassy and is now selling plots of lunar real estate.

(Would you believe HIM?)

According to
In addition to their lunar plot, buyers receive a deed, a site map, a copy of the lunar constitution bill of rights and a copy of Hope's declaration of ownership filed with the U.S. government. There's also a 30-day money back guarantee.
Nonetheless, other speculators have laid claim to the moon as well. One in Texas that peddles moon plots suggests buyers book a ride into orbit aboard the space shuttle and hitchhike the remainder of the way to the moon.
Mr. Hope assures his buyers that they will not get a fake Rolex at twice the price.  This is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Great glasses. I wish he'd sell THOSE instead.

Meena said...

So that's where lunatics get to go. I am into real estate anyway can I get about 275 square yards plot in the north east corner of the moon

Sergio said...

Lunar embasy is a fraud period. I bought seven acres on the moon and got six, i also bought a special note that is a service that you offer and i never got it so i wrote to you years ago and you pigs were so rude that never replied. If I could sue your ass I would ASAP. Lunar embasy is a fraud all over facebook and the internet people are getting to know the ral truth about you pigs. Your website says that you are not a fraud but you sure are because your statements contradict themselves so nasty that you sell yourselves out. Bastards. You claim you sell real land then there is the small print that says novelty gifts, what a fraud for real. Pigs.