Saturday, February 13, 2010

Like A Phoenix

I had to change the name of my blog--from priyamsmusings to priyamsez. I found the previous name did not express the true nature of my blog. I was not really musing--maybe amusing--but what I was actually doing was saying stuff. Thats not the whole reason either. I was shocked to find "musings" was a word often used by bloggers. What is everybody musing about? We need a little more action and a little less musing. I'll do the thinking for the rest of the world. Remove poverty (shift it a little bit to the right over there), eliminate hunger, educate girls, do this, do that and watch "Ishqiya". There...I did my part. The rest is upto the other bloggers.

We need more Bill Clintons. He is a doer.

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anna said...

Totally agree! We DO need more Bill Clintons!