Monday, December 7, 2009


Sreya thinks I should have my own blog.  What I will blog about, I don't know.  Movie reviews are safe enough.  It's appropriate that I begin my blog with a review of 2012 --the movie is about new beginnings and fresh starts.  However, it was a major torture to see a "blow"-by-"blow" account of the world disintegrating. 2 and a half hours of a movie without a bad guy, but a lot of twits!! What was even worse was to see creation (including artwork!) saved in a modern version of Noah's Ark (or was it Noah's fleet of Arks?). I mean, all that story for some Christian laughs? I thought only Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise would think of such a plot. (Not a compliment.) Not to miss the number one on the poster shaped like the sword of the Crusades.  There were only two lighter moments in the whole movie: a desperate attempt to start a car before realizing that its ignition is voice activated, and the clear ringtone of a cellphone playing "main agar kahoon" from "Om Shanti Om" over the screams of women and the roar of the tsunami.
Conclusion: it was a combination of a WWII movie without the Germans and Moonraker

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