Saturday, October 2, 2010

Google does not know Gandhi

Usually, Google acknowledges the birthday of a great soul by including an art banner about him on its home page.  I am disappointed that there was no art for Mahatma Gandhi.  The two 'O's in "Google" would have done nicely for Gandhi's glasses and the 'g's for his ears. 

Gandhi's favorite hymn was "Vaishnava Janato"--that carried a message of equality of all men and their obligations towards one another.  Let us listen because we have yet to learn how to live with others in harmony.

Happy Birthday, Gandhiji!


Raji said...

That is a neat idea for the doodle. I looked up their doodle page, atleast in 2009 they didn't forget ("in selected countries").

Priyamvada said...

That's called a doodle? Good to know--yes, and later I saw the home page of last year with Gandhi's doodle on it. I should have done my research. Thanks