Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday Night Live's Best---MacGruber

I've watched Saturday Night Live for 25 years now.  It has helped me appreciate comedy, human oddities and, of course, acting.  I did not immediately take to Coneheads or the Blues Brothers, but that is because I was brought up in a staid, inhibited environment.  I thought these actors were crazy!!  Crazy but attractive, hmm? Television soon became my social history textbook. I learnt more from tv shows than actual experiences.  I lapped up the talk shows-- Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Arsenio Hall. Loved the Danny Thomas Show, Patty Duke show.  St. Elsewhere, Dallas and Dynasty, the A-team and of course, MacGyver.  Nowadays, I don't say MacGyver--I wonder if anyone does--it's indubitably

Poor MacGyver!  He went, as Simon Cowell would say, from a hero to a zero after SNL made a spoof of this show. But its oh so funny.   MacGruber is as inept as MacGyver is inventive and resourceful.  MacGyver kept me on the edge of my seat wondering how he would finally turn the blades of grass and a garden hose into a working helicopter...But here is MacGruber (Will Forte), a study in contrast. Lookee...he is with the one and the only MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson).

Also watch MacGruber in the Super Bowl 2009 commercial for Pepsi.


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