Thursday, January 7, 2010


 formula for working out how to fit your car into a tight parking space.

According to Prof. Simon Blackburn this is a foolproof formula for making your car fit in the tightest parking spots. So, my dear readers, add your measuring tape and the calculator to the survival kit you pack in the trunk of your car. Yeah, right! I can imagine what a help this might be when I am attempting to park in the narrow streets of New York City with all those cars honking behind me and the juicy epithets spilling out of their open windows.  Not for anything will I venture out measuring stuff.


Sreya said...


Krishna said...

I think parallel parking is bad enough without having to calculate the extra length required to park in a given space. I'd rather listen to the juicy epithets....oh..but wouldn't that mean that I was attempting to calculate this extra length!! That formula leaves me speechless!


Anna said...

Nobody is better at parking cars than you! You don't need any formula or measuring stuff.